Dual Credit Courses – Earn College Credits in High School

– An Exclusive Partnership with Brandman University –

THE DUAL-CREDIT AT HOME PROGRAM offers high school students in charter, home, private and public schools our online dual credit classes that are an opportunity to get a head start and save on college.

Our exclusive university partnership with Brandman University allows students to enroll in a selection of courses that satisfy both college and high school credits. The benefits to this dual-credit at hmoe program are exciting in terms of opportunity for students to experience college level learning while still in high school.

The courses offered for dual-credit include core subject and general education classes that fulfill many university program degrees throughout the United States. Students also have the choice of taking college level classes that focus on specialized interests, allowing them to explore topics of interest they might want to pursue for a post-secondary degree.

Cost savings of taking dual-credit courses can be significant! Many students earning dual-credits are able to finish university degree programs early, saving tens of thousands of dollars on tuition and living expenses.

  • 9 – 12 Graders
  • WASC Accredited
  • NCAA Approved
  • No College Tuition Fees

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