Summer Accredited Courses


Summer Sessions

Each Session is Equivalent to One Semester. Students taking a full course must attend both sessions (ex. Geometry A and B).

Session #1:  June 3 – June 28
Session #2:  July 8 – Aug 2

Flex 4: June 7 – July 26 (Choose 4 consecutive weeks)

Reserved for Students Taking a One Semester Class

Class Times

Classes Meet the Following Times

11:00 am – 1:30 pm (Mon – Fri)
2:15 – 4:45 pm (Mon – Thur)

*Standard courses are required to attend Monday – Thursday

*Honors courses are required to attend Monday – Friday

5 Student Maximum Per Class

Sections will be offered in-person.

Courses for Credit – (One semester is 4 weeks)

All A-G courses are offered for remediation. “Get Ahead” classes include Geometry and Honors Geometry. All other “Get Ahead” classes require administrative approval. Flexible scheduling available for hectic summer schedules. Payment plans available. For a complete course list visit

Course Previews – (All A-G Courses) *Preview a semester or year

This is a great way for students to take a course for no credit. This allows students to preview semester courses for the upcoming school year and test their abilities without the pressure of a grade. Students will have homework, quizzes and exams. Students will gain proficiency and confidence in core subject matter.

Dual Enrollment – $500-600 per course plus instructional time purchased at block rates.

Valencia Tutors has an exclusive relationship with Brandman University wherein students can take a college course and earn both high school and college credits.

Math 7 Prep – (Incoming 7th Graders) *4 Week Class

This is an intervention course designed to review concepts challenging in the 6th grade. This is the perfect class for students who scored poorly on the 7th grade math placement exam and want to improve foundational skills necessary for success in junior high.

Bridge to Accelerated Math 7 (Incoming 7th Graders) *4 Week Class

This is a class designed to assist students with mathematic reasoning and problem solving. This is a course for students who scored well, but not well enough on the 7th Grade Math Placement Test to be placed in the Math 7 Accelerated class. Students will retake the placement test at the end of the course to see if they qualify for Accelerated Math 7.

Math 8 (This is a two semester course for Incoming 8th Graders) *8 Weeks

This math course is for students who did not place in Accelerated Math 7 and want to acquire eligibility for Algebra in 8th grade (Honors). Eligibility for this course is proficiency (B or better) in 7th grade math and approval from both math teacher and counselor.

Junior High Science 7 and 8 (Incoming 7th and 8th Graders) *4 and 8 Week Classes Available

This is a class that will review all NGSS standards and aligns to The Hart District Curriculum. This is wonderful opportunity to bridge gaps and accelerate understanding for the upcoming school year.

K-12 Summer Tutoring

Summer Flex Blocks (All Ages and Levels)

Block rates allow families to combine the fun of summer without jeopardizing academic readiness.

Families can choose a block of time and schedule according to summer plans. Hours can be shared with siblings and used through the end of August. Use hours for specific tutoring objectives or use them for a specific enrichment class. These blocks extend to all subjects and all grade levels.

Block #14 Hours$190
Block #28 Hours$325
Block #312 Hours$405
Block #416 Hours$495