Math Teacher / Tutor (English/Multi-Subject) and Secondary Science

Job Description

A change to English teacher/Multi-Subject) and Secondary Science teacher’s job description will, of course, vary depending on the grade that is being taught; however, general job duties typically include:
  • Planning, developing and executing lessons that reflect the curriculum and the state’s core educational standards\
  • Adapting mathematics curriculum for individual, small group, and remedial instruction to meet the needs of identified students or subgroups of students
  • Evaluating the academic and social growth of students
  • Evaluating student progress and the ability to meet courses standards in mathematical knowledge and skills
  • Establishing and maintaining standards of student behavior
  • Planning and developing lesson plans and teaching outcomes
  • Employing a variety of methodologies in teaching and instructing pupils, including demonstrations, discussions, and lectures
• Utilizing educational equipment, such as materials, books, and other learning aids
• Ability to fluidly teach through pre-calculus-Calculus preferred
• Highly organized and ability to multi-task and teach across different learning styles
• Sitting/standing throughout day
• Working on a computer and integrated platform for grading over extended amounts of time
REQUIREMENTS – Minimum of an undergraduate degree, preferably in related field. Experience is ideal but not required. Proof of degree is required. All candidates must clear a DOJ background and provide I-9 documentation.  
PAY is competitive and is based on education and experience.
Valencia Tutors provides eligible employees the following benefits:
  • Health Care (Kaiser)
  • 401-K
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Life Insurance
  • Training and Development Platforms
  • HSA (Health Spending Account)