Valencia Tutors Terms & Conditions

Valencia Tutors will be offering two tutoring options for Fall 2020. We will continue to meet online for our live tutoring sessions. We will also be offering in-person instruction beginning August 17, 2020. If parents are interested in the in-person option, the following must be strictly adhered-

  • Parents must sign a release prior to each scheduled session. The release is automated for parent convenience and can be accessed here. If the release is not signed before a student’s session, VT cannot place the student with their teacher and the session will be canceled at parent expense-no exceptions.
  • Students must wear a mask until they are seated with their instructor, for restroom use and again for leaving the building.
  • Students will be separated by a Plexiglas partition during sessions.
  • Students must bring their own paper, pencil, pen and calculators.
  • Computers will be provided but students must wear gloves in order to operate. A personal computer is highly recommended.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided by Valencia Tutors and available in all learning areas.
  • Teachers will be disinfecting all work stations, including Plexiglas, between sessions.
  • Teachers will have temperature checks before entering the building.
  • Teachers will use face shields in addition to teaching behind Plexiglas.
  • Teachers will be required to adhere to work-place safe standards.

If a parent chooses to receive services online, all services will be presented live with their instructor. Parents must sign a waiver for online services. Please see release here. This release is required at the beginning of instruction and is not required for each session. If a parent is interested in online instruction, the following must be strictly adhered-

  • A student’s camera must be enabled for the duration of services.
  • A student’s audio must be enabled for the duration of services.
  • All attendance and cancellation policies will be strictly enforced.
  • A parent is responsible for internet. Valencia Tutors is not financially responsible for a student’s internet service.
  • Parents must give Valencia Tutors permission to email students.
  • All sessions are time stamped.
  • Links are sent before classes and tutoring session. If for any reason, a student has not received the link, it is the parent/student responsibility to promptly inform Valencia Tutors.
  • Tutoring sessions and courses are only canceled if an official email and/or call is made to a parent.