Compared to the actual cost of college… the investment in college planning is a minimal expense that can pay off even bigger in the future. Applying for college might seem overwhelming since multiple factors including academic, athletic, financial and geographic location enter into consideration. Our packages are designed to offer complete college counseling services at the most affordable rates. Often times, complete college planning combines both group sessions and private counseling in college prep guidance. We know what it takes to reach for higher education dreams and Valencia Tutors can guide you and your student towards them.

Valencia Tutors Learning Center proudly offers UCLA CERTIFIED COLLEGE COUNSELORS to guide college bound students and their families in achieving their educational hopes and dreams.

Admission Packages

College Lists • Transcript Review • SAT/ACT • Essays • Applications

How much help do you need & How much time will it take?

  • If you need help with college matching, lists & research
  • 10 Hours

  • $900
    • Initiate and develop a personalized college list, including:
    • Identifying at least 20 colleges, organized into Reach, Target and Likely designations
    • Ongoing access to our online college planning resource
    • Receive periodic email reminder broadcasts (Please be sure that our
      emails are not going to SPAM.)
    • Analysis of high school transcript
    • College and Career Assessment utilizing an online planning resource
  • If you are targeting specific Colleges, Universities, Degrees / Majors
  • 20 Hours

  • $1700
    • All elements of Basic Package, plus:
    • Long-term collaboration and revision of college list
    • Determine types of applications (Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision)
    • Supervise applications and deadlines
    • Individualized SAT and/or ACT test prep
    • Individualized College Essay tutoring
    • Financial Aid Assistance (FAFSA, CSS/Profile, EOP and scholarships)
    • NCAA Transcript evaluation
    • Compare college acceptance packages and assist in making college choice
  • If you seek Direct Admit for engineering, nursing…
  • 30 Hours

  • $2250
    • All elements of Basic Package, plus:
    • Individualized College Application Assistance (Supplemental College Essays,
      NCAA, Letters of Recommendation)
    • Access to our online Scholarship resource
    • Access to our online Internship resource
    • Preparation for College Interviews
    • Direct Admit Applications
    • Honors College Applications
    • NCAA Athletic Admissions Support

** Some package hours will be used to build and oversee student’s college process.**

** Package hours are not refundable and not transferable.**

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College Planning & Applications

WE MAKE IT HAPPEN… Including the Application! College Planning at Valencia Tutors includes a lengthy list of services that takes the student through the entire college planning process. Often times this begins as early as freshman or sophomore year, and we are happy to start the college planning process junior / senior years as well.

The best advice we can give you is to START EARLY! College Planning at Valencia Tutors includes digital assessment to discover and affirm college and career targets. Perhaps, the important area of college planning is analysis of the student’s high school transcript and comparing it with college admissions data to estimate the trend of acceptance or rejection.

Often times, we uncover surprising odds of acceptance / rejection rates based on the latest research and statistics. Essays, scholarships, letters of recommendation, interviews… and of course… all the applications are included in our College Planning Services.

Our College Planning process will analyze, plan and guide your student through the complete college application cycle, beginning with SAT ACT Test Prep and College Matching to Applications and Scholarships.

  • Transcript Analysis
  • Subject Tests
  • SAT / ACT Test Prep
  • College & Career Guidance
  • College Matching
  • College Essays
  • College Interviews
  • College Applications
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • College Admissions Evaluation
  • Final Decision

Private Consultations

Students & Parents wanting to discuss college admissions related information may schedule a private meeting at the rate of $95 per hour.

Focus on Essays & Applications

  • Essays & Applications
  • 6 Hours
  • $247.50
  • Essays & Applications
  • 9 Hours
  • $331.83
  • Essays & Applications
  • 12 Hours
  • $384
  • Essays & Applications
  • 15 Hours
  • $450

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Test Prep, Essays & Applications. Some students are focused and able to manage the application process with minimal help. If you are lucky enough to have this type of student, we congratulate you! If you and your student are 100% confident in the college planning and choices that you have made and need guidance with test prep, essays and / or the actual college applications… Valencia Tutors offers group guidance with flexible hours to accomodate busy students and student athlete schedules with our College Application Services.

Students attend small group guidance sessions to work on SAT / ACT Test Prep or College Applications & Essays. Meeting times are flexible allowing students to attend based on their schedule. Options for group meeting flex from one hour up to several hours, depending on the students needs and schedule.

Our small group sessions guides students in SAT / ACT test prep, College Applications and Essays. Hours are flexible and private planning may be added at anytime.

  • SAT / ACT Test Prep
  • College Essays
  • College Applications

College Planning & Test Prep Services

College Bound Students


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