All Subject Tutoring

In 2004 the Mission of Valencia Tutors
Learning Center was Launched

Our fundamental techniques, and commitment to hiring the best teachers has created a program with a results oriented emphasis. Valencia Tutors Learning Center has built a program dedicated to the individual needs of each student. We work collaboratively with a student’s parents, teachers and counselors in defining approaches which directly impact success.

Valencia Tutors Learning Center has earned a positive reputation in our community, enabling unparalleled communication with the professionals directly involved in your student’s education. Valencia Tutors earned WASC accreditation in 2014, NCAA certification in 2015, and AP course registry in 2018. Our courses continue to earn A-G certification from local high schools and charter schools in California. Valencia Tutors is the perfect partner for your student’s long term academic success.

Academic Tutoring

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  • 1 Hour / week
    $180 monthly
  • 2 Hours / week
    $315 monthly
  • 3 Hours / week
    $395 monthly
  • 4 Hours / week
    $485 monthly
  • Tutoring Academic Pass
    20 hours of tutoring
  • Tutoring Academic Pass
    35 hours of tutoring


Choose the plan that is best for your family!

1 hour p/week $190 Monthly

This option works best for students who are needing assistance in a single subject. Students that purchase this option are generally successful in school and want to maintain strong academic performance. This is also a wonderful choice for elementary students needing additional support within a single subject.

2 hours p/week $325 Monthly

This options work best, when there begins to be a significant change in academic success and study habits. This plan is best for multiple subjects and students needing more structured support. This plan includes communication with teachers.

3 hours p/week $405 Monthly

This option works best when students are significantly behind in school, not doing homework, and having challenges with organizational skills. This plan includes communication with teachers and intermittent grade checks. This plan is perfect for the student struggling with confidence, needing more comprehensive support. This plan also works well for students needing assistance in reaching and maintaining IEP goals.

4 hours p/week $495 Monthly

This option is great for families who want to share hours with other siblings or need intense academic support for all subjects in school. This plan includes weekly organizational meetings, grade checks, and consistent communication with teachers. This plan is for students struggling with confidence and needing a more involved approach. This plan is also perfect for students on IEPs needing support in meeting and maintaining academic goals.

6 hours p/week $650 Monthly

This is Valencia Tutors most comprehensive and affordable plan. This plan is meant for parents needing a supplement to online and/or blended education. This option can be shared with siblings and used to bridge gaps and manage online classes. This option includes class management, teaching academic subjects, monitoring success and homework completion. It also includes communication with teachers and tutoring support.

K-12 Summer Tutoring

Summer Flex Blocks (All Ages and Levels)

Block rates allow families to combine the fun of summer without jeopardizing academic readiness.

Families can choose a block of time and schedule according to summer plans. Hours can be shared with siblings and used through the end of August. Use hours for specific tutoring objectives or use them for a specific enrichment class. These blocks extend to all subjects and all grade levels.

Block #14 Hours$190
Block #28 Hours$325
Block #312 Hours$405
Block #416 Hours$495